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We, Online Group, the most promising & burgeoning company in developer business, are moving forward steadily with some alimentary visions. Beyond our self development, we want to extend our blessing hands for the wellbeing of this country & people. Thousands of ambitious people working in our organization reflect our vision letting my company exposes to a group of company.

We have vividly differentiated our company from others executing some alimentary practices towards both employees & societies. They run and follow below:  At the very outset, we are intrigued by the simultaneous development of

  • At the very outset, we are intrigued by the simultaneous development of employees and societies.
  • Secondly, most of our wellbeing concentration goes in favor of the employees including their free health service.
  • Thirdly, we fortify our vision by assisting orphans and poor children financially.
  • Likewise a certain portion of our budget goes for the mosques, Madrasas and orphanages.
  • Moreover, self purification by saying Namaz tops of our mandatory list.
  • We highly respect all the rules and regulations prevailing in Bangladesh including labor ages, benefits, wellbeing and so on.
  • Really, we are very much stringent in favor of maintaining clarity, alacrity and probity emphasizing discipline.
  • Lastly and most importantly, customer service gets meticulous concentration from us.

Khan Md. Aktaruzzaman
Managing Director
Online Group


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