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 On-Line Fisheries Information Share Home, is an online platform. For sharing fisheries information, On-Line Fisheries is launched and maintained by On-Line Fisheries Team. All activities of On-Line Fisheries are non-commercial as well as non-profitable and voluntary.

 Bangladesh is rich with her large numbers of fish and other fisheries fauna and flora, vast areas of open, closed and semi-closed water-bodies and other fisheries resources such as manpower, equipments, institutions, industrious etc.

 Moreover the environmental condition and geographical location is suitable for fish and other aquatic organism as well as favorable for aquaculture. In this situation Fisheries Science is plays a vital role for management and conservation of fisheries resources and development of aquaculture.

 We think information sharing is one of the best policy for developing fisheries science as well as this sector. People who are interested to share fisheries information may join with us and plays an important role to develop these activities. Please email to us from here with your name, Position, contact address, email address, mobile number and your interest about On-Line Fisheries and start to share your writings.

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