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Khan Md. Aktaruzzaman (Aktar) is the Managing Director of On-Line Group. He completed B.S.S (Honours), M.S.S in Sociology from the National University.

Khan Md. Aktaruzzaman (Aktar) has an in-depth & extensive knowledge about diverse businesses that he acquired from his professional life by serving different responsibilities. He is presently running two renowned businesses successfully. In connection to the businesses, he has visited several countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India & Dubai, China, London.

Managing Director directly supervises the Marketing & Sales Division of On-Line Group. His multi-cultural experience & different business acumen boost Khan Md. Aktaruzzaman (Aktar) up to coordinate & control Marketing & Sales Division professionally. His leadership personalities & innovative strategic capabilities made On-Line Group so proud to bestow Khan Md. Aktaruzzaman (Aktar) their profound honor.

We, On-Line Group, the most promising & burgeoning company in developer business, are moving forward steadily with some alimentary visions. Beyond our self development, we want to extend our blessing hands for the wellbeing of this country & people. Thousands of ambitious people working in our organization reflect our vision letting my company exposes to a group of company.
We have vividly differentiated our company from others executing some alimentary practices towards both employees & societies. They run and follow below:

At the very outset, we are intrigued by the simultaneous development of employees and societies.
Secondly, most of our wellbeing concentration goes in favor of the employees including their free health service.
Thirdly, we fortify our vision by assisting orphans and poor children financially.
Likewise a certain portion of our budget goes for the mosques, Madrasas and orphanages.
Moreover, self purification by saying Namaz tops of our mandatory list.
We highly respect all the rules and regulations prevailing in Bangladesh including labor ages, benefits, wellbeing and so on.
Really, we are very much stringent in favor of maintaining clarity, alacrity and probity emphasizing discipline.
Lastly and most importantly, customer service gets meticulous concentration from us.

Khan Md. Aktaruzzaman (Aktar)
Managing Director
On-Line Group

Engr. Shakil Ahmed Khan is the Director of On-Line Group. He completed B. Sc. in Civil Engineering from World University. He working for a long time in this multinational company as a senior Engineer in Engineering section and Admin. He visited India.

Engr. Shakil Ahmed Khan is an active Director of On-Line Group. He directly supervises the Admin Department of On-Line Group. Being a highly experienced individual in administration and his leadership personality make so efficient this Admin Department. On-Line Group is very much convinced about his work and relies on him to achieve corporate goals.

Engr. Shakil Ahmed Khan
On-Line Group

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