About Online Impex Ltd.


Our Strength :
♦ Strong network of vendors
♦ Capability to execute on more complex orders
♦ In-house expertise in initial sampling making
♦ Tight control on prices

Our Mission :
♦ To be the eyes and ears for our clients on the ground and to protect the brand and business of our clients in Bangladesh
♦ Assisting clients with detailed cost analysis
♦ To offer custom-made solutions and personalized services
♦ To secure your business and protect your interests in Bangladesh

Our Vision :
Quality is never an accident. It is a result of strong focus, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution. The provision of quality is central to the vision of Online Impex Ltd.

We have a deep commitment to our clients and spare no efforts in supporting each and every one of them to realize their vision for their product. We realize that every customer is unique and that his or her needs will vary. Hence we have dedicated several strong support teams to provide an outstanding customer service. We have built our business around the ideal customer experience.